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Dorilton Capital

Investing in high-potential, middle-market companies

A focus on strength.

We invest in established businesses with strong management teams and a proven ability to generate profits and cash flow. We generally target companies with EBITDA between $4m and $30m. We also identify appropriate smaller operations to acquire and integrate with our existing portfolio companies.


Select sectors

We focus on opportunities in fragmented services industries, including:

Business Services
Industrial Services
Healthcare Services
Commercial Services
Dorilton team member

Acquisition structure

We take a controlling interest in new acquisitions and work side by side with leadership to help realize the full potential of the business. We respect the company’s culture, legacy, and prior successes. By limiting the use of leverage, we are able to reinvest cash flow back into our businesses.


Our strategy for growth

Together with management, we build our portfolio companies into industry leaders. We provide capital for subsequent acquisitions, and we work to ensure the effective integration of each one. Our portfolio operations team delivers projects that materially impact business performance, and our shared services allow management to focus on high-value activities. We work closely with our partners to attract the right talent to support future growth.