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Dorilton Capital

Blue Wolf Performance Solutions

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The formation of Blue Wolf represents the combination of industry-leading companies serving the industrial cleaning and maintenance space – Aqua Drill International (“ADI”), Hennigan Energy Services Group (“Hennigan”), Hydrocarbon Filtration (“Hydrocarbon”), NHE Services (“NHE”), and Reliable Industrial Group (“RIG”). Blue Wolf is focused on serving its clients’ most complex cleaning & maintenance projects to ensure optimal performance of critical assets and equipment. Blue Wolf companies bring together deep expertise in the sector with extensive years of experience serving clients across utility, nuclear, petrochemical, refining, infrastructure, industrial, and municipal industries. Through these business segments, Blue Wolf offers a wide range of services enabled by custom designed equipment including high-pressure hydro blasting, heat exchanger restoration, remote online cleaning, pre-commission engineering, lube oil flushing, chemical cleaning, varnish mitigation, steam and air blowing, hydro testing, line drying, and other emergency services.

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Dorilton Capital Launches Blue Wolf Performance Solutions

Dorilton Capital (“Dorilton”), a leading private investment firm, has announced the formation of a new company – Blue Wolf Performance Solutions (“Blue Wolf”).

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