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Dorilton Capital Launches Blue Wolf Performance Solutions


Dorilton Capital (“Dorilton”), a leading private investment firm, has announced the formation of a new company – Blue Wolf Performance Solutions (“Blue Wolf”).

The formation of Blue Wolf represents the combination of two industry leading companies serving the industrial cleaning & maintenance space – Hennigan Energy Services Group (“Hennigan”) and NHE Services (“NHE”). Blue Wolf is focused on serving its client’s most complex cleaning & maintenance projects to ensure optimal performance of critical assets and equipment.

Hennigan & NHE bring together deep expertise in the sector with over 75 years of combined experience serving clients across utility, nuclear, petrochemical, industrial and municipal industries. Through these business segments, Blue Wolf offers a wide range of services enabled by custom designed equipment including high pressure hydro blasting, heat exchanger restoration, and remote online cleaning.

Leveraging the platform’s combined expertise and proprietary capabilities, Blue Wolf offers clients an opportunity to seamlessly access the combined service capabilities of these brands. In addition, the combination of these businesses improves the capacity and resources available to respond to client needs in both routine maintenance and emergency outages.

Blue Wolf operates nationwide with offices in Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and Alabama offering both in-house and on-site service.

Blue Wolf will maintain the legacy of its constituent brands – which are both recognized leaders within the industry – as well as a commitment to ingenuity and quality.

The company will be led by Tim Hennigan, who was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Blue Wolf. Tim brings decades of leadership and industry experience to the platform, having previously served as the third generation to lead Hennigan Energy Services Group.

“Today marks a milestone in the integration and growth of our companies as our unified brand allows us to showcase our combined strengths and vision for the future,” said Tim Hennigan.